Frequently asked Questions


How does it work? 

The first step is to send us an email with plenty of details about your event; please include the pieces or packages you would like to rent, quantities, and specific choices. If you need delivery, be sure to include an address and date as well! We will get back to you with a quote based on the information provided and go from there to pinpoint the exact look you are hoping for. Based on what we work out, I'll choose the perfect mismatched pieces of heirloom dishes for you! 


Can I choose my exact dishes?

Because the collection is based on a mismatched aesthetic, and many of our dishes are one of a kind, we can't promise specific pieces. However, we will speak throughly about what you like, love, or don't care for. I'll do the rest of the work. I promise, I'm really good at curating, I hand picked every piece in the collection so I know and love it well! I will make sure everything works together in the most beautiful way.


How much?

You can find a price list on the Packages and Prices page that covers everything. You can either choose to rent items individually, or choose one of our packages, carefully put together to fit many occasions at a discounted rate! Once you decide to move forward with your rental order, you'll pay a 20% retainer to hold the date. Final payment is due the week before your items are delivered to you. 

The only extra fees involved are delivery and dishwashing. Please contact us for a custom quote. 

What if something breaks?

Not to worry, it happens. In fact, large events almost always have some breakage or missing items. Should something, chip, crack or break completely, the cost to replace an item is 5x the rental fee. You will be provided with a list of what is missing/broken and an invoice for the replacement cost. 


Do you Deliver?

Yes! Please contact me directly for a custom delivery quote! You can also pick up and return the items yourself should Fern & Bone determine that you have a safe vehicle to transport your items. In addition to Los Angeles, we have a base in Paso Robles, CA and can also serve weddings on the central coast area for a set fee. Please contact me for a delivery quote.


Dishwashing...who does it?

I love when someone else does the dishes don't you? That's why we take care of that part. Since everything must be carefully handwashed, we include a small fee of 20% of the rental cost and do all of the dirty work ourselves.

Is there a minimum?