I'm Brooke. Owner, currator, stylist, dishwasher.... I was also once a DIY bride. I mean seriously DIY, I think the only thing I didn't make or have made for our wedding was the tables and chairs! 

And so Fern and Bone was born. Before we were even engaged, one detail I dreamed of for my wedding was antique place settings. Vintage and mismatched, bone china dishes, gold flatware, colored goblets...all unique and special. There is something so beautiful about an eclectic collection of fine dishes...as though they just happened to be sitting around in cupboards, waiting to be used, and effortlessly, they fit together. Of course we know a lot more care goes into currating a collection, but no one else has to know that!

I've handpicked every piece from hundreds of stops at thrift/antique shops. I have only kept the ones I truly love. I'm sure you will too. 

What's more important, I know there are other DIYers like me who might rather hunt for pieces themselves than rent, because when I was planning my wedding, I couldn't find rentals that were affordable. That's why I strive to keep prices lower than you can find at a thrift store. And trust me ladies, it takes years to find antique Limoges, Noritake, and Bavarian bone china in thrift stores. I want renting from Fern and Bone to make sense financially and aesthetically. And I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!